February 25, 2021

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Class 10 – World between wars – assessment – 1

1. The withdrawal of American capital was aggravated by the US market crash in________.
a) 1918                             b) 1927                        c) 1919                        d) 1929

2. The first huge crash occurred on 24 October 1929 in _____________.
a) share market             b) industry                   c) agriculture   d) bank

3. The _________ also found itself in bankruptcy.
a) Reserve bank of India             b) Bank of England  c) Federal bank            d) bank of Germany

4. In England the _________ was defeated in the general elections of 1931.
a) Labour Party b) Republican party                 c) Socialist party         d) Democratic party

5. In the USA, the Republican Party was rejected by the people.
a)Labour Party                b) Republican party c) Socialist party         d) Democratic party
6. _______is a monetary system where a country’s currency or paper money carried a value directly linked to gold.
a) Paper currency           b) Investments                        c) deposits                   d) Gold Standard

7. Fascist Party was founded in ________Mussolini became member of it.
a)1917                  b) 1918                                    c)1919             d)1920

8. In____, in the context of a long ministerial crisis Mussolini organized the Fascist March on Rome.
a) October 1922              b) October 1923                      c) November 1922      d) November 1923

9. __________, a socialist leader, who questioned the fairness of the elections in Italy.
a) Matteotti                                  b) Filippo Turati                      c) Andrea Costa          d) Anna Kulisciof

10. Mussolini called as______ by his followers.
a) Fuhrer                                        b) Duce                                   c) Bismarck                 d)  Georgian

11. In 1926 Mussolini became a _____ with power to legislate.
a) President                                  b) Prime minister                     c) Speaker                   d) Dictator

12. In ______ Parliament was abolished and was replaced by a body representing the Fascist Party and the corporations.
a) 1938                                        b) 1928                                    c) 1937                        d)1927

13.  The _______ signed in 1929 between Pope and Mussolini.
a) treaty of Versailles                  b)treaty of Austria                  c) Lateran Treaty  d) Roman treaty

14. In 1935, Mussolini invaded ______This was useful to divert attention of the people away from the economic troubles.
a) Kenya                          b) Sicily                                   c)Austria                     d) Ethiopia.

15. In_______ when a group of seven men met in Munich and founded the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.
a)1919                              b)1920                                     c)1921             d)1921

16. In 1923 Hitler attempted to capture power in________.
a) Bavaria                                   b) Bolivia                                c) Latvia                      d) Ethiopia  

17. During his time in prison Hitler wrote___, an autobiographical book containing his political idea.
a) Mein Kampf                                                           b)  Long Walk to Freedom   c) The Story of My Experiments with Truth                 d) Chronicles

18. The army of ________ and jack-booted storm troopers was expanded.
a)Green – shirted                        b) White – shirted       c) black – shirt             c) Brown-shirted

19. Republican government fell, as the Communists refused to collaborate with the Social Democrats. Thereupon, industrialists, bankers and Junkers prevailed upon President Von Hindenburg to designate Hitler as Chancellor in_______.
a) 1933                            b) 1934                                    c) 1935                        c) 1936

20. The Nazi state of Hitler, known as______, brought an end to the parliamentary democracy.
a)Fourth Reich    b) First Reich              c) second Reich           c) Third Reich          

21. Hitler replaced the flag of the Weimar republic by the ________ banners of National Socialism.
a) Main kampf                 b) Swastika                             c) OVRA                    c) GESTOPA

22. The Nazi Party’s propaganda was led by_______.
a) Ulius Lippert               b) Wilhelm Loeper                  c) Josef Goebbels       d) Hjalmar Schacht

23. ____________ was the secret police of Hitler.
a) Main kampf                 b) Swastika                             c) OVRA                    c) GESTAPO

24. The Gestapo or Secret State Police was formed and run by ________ .
a) Hitler                             b) Himmler.                            c) Josef Goebbels        d) Hjalmar Schacht

25. Hitler’s government followed a policy of repressing ______ people.
a) English                         b) Irish                                     c) Frenc5                     d) Jewish

26. It is estimated that about 6 million Jews in Europe were killed in what the Nazis termed ____
a) The Solution.  b) The Right Solution c) The Final Solution             d) The Last Solution. 

27. Himmler’s second in command was _______ responsible for the concentration camps.
a) Heydrich         b) Wilhelm Loeper                  c) Josef Goebbels       d) Hjalmar Schacht

28. __________ was founded as the General German Workers Association on 23 May 1863 in Leipzig.
a) Social Democratic Party                     b) National Democratic Party
c) German Workers Party                         d) social Republic Party

29. _________ founder of Social Democratic Party.
a) ‎Norbert Walter-Borjans           b) Ferdinand Lassall9           c)  ‎Klara Geywitz        d) ‎Hubertus Heil

30. Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam are comprised and known_____
Indo – Australia                    b) Indo – Russia                      c) Indo- china             d) Indo – German