February 25, 2021

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The outbreak of World War I and Its Aftermath Assessment – I

  1. In 1900 _______of the European Great Powers were divided into two armed camps.
    a) five                               b) six                          c)seven                     d) eight
  2. The camp consisted of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy known as as____ .
    a) Central Powers         b) Eastern power      c) Allied power         d) Superpowers
  3. __________of Britain, France and Russia.in 1904.
    a)Triple alliance                        b) Triple team           c) Triple group          d) Triple Entente    
  4. Central powers are formed in______________.
    a) 1881                             b)1884                       c)1883                        d)1882
  5. Emperor _____________ of Germany was ruthlessly assertive and aggressive.
    a)Kaiser Wilhelm IV     b) Kaiser Wilhelm III    c) Kaiser Wilhelm II     d) Kaiser Wilhelm I
  6. The sea is considered a preserve of England ever since Napoleon’s defeat at _______in 1805.
    a) Trafalgar                   b)waterloo                 c) Paris                       d)Egypt
  7. In 1871_______ defeated and loss of Alsace and Lorraine to Germany.
    a)Italy                               b)Spain                      c)Portugal                  d) France
  8. The ________ of 1908, an attempt at creating a strong and modern government in Turkey.
    a) Bauxer revolution                 b) Young Turk Revolution           
    c) Trunk revolution                   d) red rippon revolution
  9. The Balkan League forms in___________.
    a) March 1912               b) March 1913          c) March 1914          d) March 1915
  10. The Balkan  League attacked and defeated __________ forces in the first Balkan War
    a)Germany                      b)England                  c)Turkey                   d) Egypt    
  11. The first Balkan war came to an end with  the ________in May 1913
    a) Treaty of Constantinople                 b) Treaty of Versailles
    c) Treaty of Hungary                             d) Treaty of London
  12.  The new state of _____was created and the Balkan states divided up ______between them.
    a) Albania and Macedonia                  b) Austria and Hungary
    c) Rumania And Bulgaria                     d) Greece and Rome
  13. ______attacked Serbia and Greece is known as the Second Balkan war in 1913.
    a)Rumania                       b) Bulgaria               c) Austria                   d) Hungary
  14. The Second Balkan War ended with the signing of the _________ in August 1913.
    a) Treaty of Bucharest            d) treaty of London c) Treaty of newly    d) Treaty of Germaine 
  15. On ________the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, nephew and heir to Franz Joseph, Emperor of Austria-Hungary were assassinated by Princip, a Bosnian Serb.
    a) 26 June 1914              b) 27 June 1914        c) 28 June 1914       d) 29 June 1914                   
  16. Britain, France and______signed the secret Treaty of London in April 1915.
    a) Rumania                     b) Bulgaria                c) Austria                   d) Italy
  17. By__________ Italy agreed to enter the war against the Central Powers in return for this territory after the War.
    a) Treaty of Constantinople                b) Treaty of London
    c) Treaty of Hungary                            d) Treaty of Versailles
  18. Russia, France, Britain, Italy, the United States, Belgium, Serbia, Romania and Greece werenine states that opposed the __________
    a) Central powers         d)Allied powers        c) Eastern powers     d) Ottoman powers
  19.  ________declared war on the Central Powers in 1916 and 1917.
    a) Albania and Macedonia                   b) Austria and Hungary
    c) Romania and Greece                       d) Greece and Rome
  20. Americans wanted their country to remain________ and so in the first three years.
    a) Neutral                       b) central                   c) Allied                     d) Eastern
  21. _________of Russia suggested to the Powers that they meet together to bring about an era of universal peace.
    a) Tsar Nicholas I           b) Tsar Nicholas II c) Tsar Nicholas III d) Tsar Nicholas IV
  22. The Peace Conference was held at The Hague in___________ Holland in
    a) 1898                             b) 1919                         c) 1899                    d) 1907
  23. The Peace Conference was held at The Holland in___________.
    a) 1898                                    b) 1919                         c) 1899                    d)1907
  24. In the _________ Russia defeated by Germany and suffered heavy losses.
    a) Battle of Jutland        b) battle of Tannenberg     c)battle of danzing   d) battle of London            
  25. The Battle of the_____, the French succeeded in pushing back the Germans and Paris was saved.
    a) Lyon                            b) Marseille               c) Bordeaux              d) Marne